Ross I.S. Zbar, MD, FACS
Wound Care

Dr Zbar again serves as the Medical Director of the Mountainside Hospital Wound Care Center.  He previously ran the Center from 2003 through 2007.  Supervising a multidisciplinary panel of health care providers, Dr Zbar manages medical education and quality improvement.  During his first tenure, the Mountainside Hospital Wound Care Center grew three fold in volume; and experienced one of the best healing rates in the nation, winning several awards.

Dr Zbar specializes in healing chronic wounds rapidly by using the latest technologies.  Some of these innovations include the newest topical agents; hyperbaric oxygen (HBO); and negative pressure (vacuum assisted closure).  When surgery is indicated, Dr Zbar performs the needed flaps or grafts in order to rapidly promote wound closure.

In 2011, Dr Zbar chaired a regional meeting on Wound Care at Mountainside Hospital.

Dr Zbar's success in Wound Care has been recognized on a national level.  He authored a chapter in a major plastic surgery text book:

Zbar RIS and Canady JW.  “Cold Injuries” in Plastic Surgery, Second Edition, Volume 1, pages 855 – 862; Saunders, Philadelphia, PA: 2006.

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